Island Monday: Grenada

Picture this:  You are sipping your morning coffee, on a tropical balcony overlooking a turquoise bay with sweeping views of the most picturesque village in the West Indies. The elusive scent of nutmeg fills the air.  Grenada, “The Spice Island,” is quite off the beaten path, particularly for Americans for whom the island calls to mind the 1983 US invasion as well as several recent hurricanes.  European travelers have known for some time that Grenada is an ideal island for a luxurious adventure.

Photos of Mount Cinnamon Grenada, St. George's
This photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Stay: Mount Cinnamon 

Ever since our honeymoon, I’ve longed to return to Grenada for a stay at the Spice Island Beach Resort with its private beachfront plunge pools.  Alas, I still can’t bring myself to pay the $1,000 price per night price to enjoy its all inclusive amenities.  Mount Cinnamon, also located on the practically perfect Grand Anse beach, is a great choice at a more moderate price (starting at $350 per night in low season, May through December).  Mount Cinnamon is a relatively new, colorful boutique hotel with villas situated on a hillside overlooking St. George’s. With a beach cabana like this, this hotel will do just fine:

Photos of Mount Cinnamon Grenada, St. George's
This photo of Mount Cinnamon Grenada is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Eat: The Beach House

The spectacular, romantic, tropical beachfront setting paired with amazing food make The Beach House Restaurant one of the best in Grenada.  An independent family run restaurant, The Beach House is perfect for a special night out or casual lunch.  The restaurant is not cheap, but they have their very own shuttle offering transportation from many hotels (but call early). Check out this blog for a review and some great pictures of the restaurant.















To Do:

Besides the obvious (sitting on the gorgeous beaches or spectacular diving, you’ll not want to miss a fun muddy hike to Seven Sisters Falls in Grenada’s Grand Etang National Park.  Hire a guide to take you through the rain forest for a slippery hike followed by a swim under the falls.  On the way out, you’ll walk through a spice plantation where you’ll get an up close intro to nutmeg, cocoa, and cinnamon trees.

Also, don’t miss a tour of the Grenada Chocolate Factory complete with free samples.  You’ll also want to explore Fort George with amazing views and a fascinating history of the 1979 revolution and The US involvement in the saga.


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